LoneStar Nudist Group
                                    Membership Application 2024-2025
          Please print legibly. If pre-printed, please make needed corrections.
Name: ________________________________________________ Partner:________________________________________________ 
Email:________________________________________________ Email:________________________________________________ 
Phone:__________________________ Birthday: ____/____/____ Phone:__________________________ Birthday: ____/____/____ 
Street:________________________________________________ Street:________________________________________________ 
City:_______________________ State: _____ Zip: __________ City:_______________________ State: _____ Zip: __________ 

Please check type of
Membership desired:SingleCouple
$24 – July, $22 - August, $20 - September$36 – July, $33 - August, $30 - September
Prorated $2/$3 a month$18 October, $16 November$27 October, $24 November
$14 December, $12 January$21 December, $18 January
$10 February, $8 March$15 February, $12 March
May/June include next year$6 April, $28 May, $26 June$9 April, $42 May, $39 June

Please return your form so we know all of our information is correct.

We all need help from time to time:
   ☐ I/We would be willing to HOST a party – that is have it in our space or somewhere I/we arrange.
   ☐ I/We would be willing to HOST a potluck or games night in our home.
   ☐ I/We would be willing to Co-Host – handle check-in, cook, cleanup, etc.
Privacy information:
   ☐ DO NOT include my/our information in a Membership Directory distributed to LSNG Members.
   ☐ EMAIL ONLY. DO NOT send any correspondence to the address by U.S. Mail.
   ☐ DO NOT include me/us in any photographs taken at LSNG functions.
Membership Agreement

I/we have read the following LoneStar Nudist Group Membership Guidelines and by signing
this form I/we agree to abide by the guidelines and the following conditions of membership:

Signed: _____________________________ Signed: _____________________________

Date: _______________________________     Date: _____________________________