LoneStar Nudist Group

LoneStar Nudist Group is a social club in the greater Houston, Texas area for gay men who enjoy being nude.
The main focus is social, although some parties will have an area set aside for sex which one can choose to partake in or not.

We generally have a social / party monthly - typically at the home of a member. And at those events we provide food and sodas/water.

This is the schedule as we currently know it:

THE POLICIES OF THE CLUB ARE NO BODY SHAMING and NO ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES - be that smoked, vaped, or any other way ingested (and we are not going to try to differentiate between marijuana and CBD). You will be asked to leave and a REPEAT offense will get you banned. This can cause problems for our hosts and the club as well. Please respect this policy and our hosts.

Unless otherwise stated, members pay $5/party. Guests get to come twice for free, then $10 or can join. Membership is $24/year - prorated $2/month (July - June). (But if you join in May or June, you pay for the rest of the current year AND the following year.) You can download a membership app here.

For more information, you can contact our chair Bruce at 832-724-4183, or email bruce at

Chair - Bruce Reeves -
Vice-chair - Robert Lewis -
Past-chair - Max Argo -
Secretary - David Rebeles -
Treasurer - Dan Lindquist -
At-large - Julio Rodriguez -
At-large - Josh Ruiz -

Our policies and procedures (as modified by the board on June 5, 2023) are here. Our bylaws as modified by the membership on June 18, 2022 are here.

Our policy regarding sexual activity at functions is very strict. First and foremost, it is up to the HOST to determine if such activity may take place, and then and only then, it MUST occur either in a space set aside from the main flow of the party, OR, it may occur as an after party function. While hugging, kissing and touching may occur in the main party space, such activity must be consensual, as would any activity in the sex space as well.